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    Here are the latest updates from Zoonsky.com

    The Latest Articles on Zoonsky

    Kogan Agora Android Phone

    Australian company Kogan Technologies has staged a minor coup by becoming just the second manufacturer to start selling a Google Android powered smartphone device, The Kogan Agora and Agora Pro.
    In a Blackberry style form factor the Kogan Agora featu… continues

    The Latest Videos on Zoonsky

    Nokia Vine Geo Tag Social Network

    On November 25th 2008 Nokia launched a new and unique social network service for users of their N Series phones. It is designed to geotag your songs, photos and videos to the location they were created or played, and allow you to upload the data to t… continues

    Bruce Lee Nunchuck Ping Pong Ad

    Amazing video of Bruce Lee playing table tennis using nunchucks instead of a paddle. Part of an advertisement made for the Chinese market for a special edition Nokia N96 Bruce Lee phone release.

    Real Racing Game On Apple IPhone

    Real Racing by Firemint being demoed on an Apple iPhone. The game includes HD graphics, multi channel surround sound, realistic dynamics and accelerometer control. Head to head multiplayer gameplay is supported over WiFi or OTA and integrated auto pu… continues

    Official Nokia N97 Demo Video

    The N97 is the Nokia flagship smartphone model featuring a dual sliding configuration, two keyboards (one QWERTY). touchscreen interface, Nokia Maps 3.0, built-in A-GPS unit and an electronic compass for simple pedestrian navigation directions via th… continues

    Real Racing Game On Nokia N95

    Real Racing by Firemint runs on mobile devices like the Nokia E95 and Apple iPhone. It includes industry leading realistic HD graphics, multi channel surround sound, realistic dynamics and accelerometer control. Head to head multiplayer gameplay is s… continues

    The Latest Sites on Zoonsky

    Uber Gizmo

    Ubergizmo is a trendy blog about cutting-edge consumer electronics and gadgets


    Video, photography and camera news and tips.

    Mobile Burn

    Information about cell phones and smartphones for the U.S. and Europe. Reviews and news of cell phones and Bluetooth headsets.

    Jared Polin Photographer

    Official website of professional photographer Jared Polin.



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