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  • 10:07:01 pm on November 19, 2008 | 0

    Here are the latest updates from Zoonsky.com

    The Latest Articles on Zoonsky

    Trism Creator Has An Apple In His Eye

    A while back I added a youtube video to the site made by a 29yo California man named Steve Demeter. He had created what looked like a cool new game for the iPhone and had published his video to demonstrate it and look for a way to market it. (watch v… continues

    The Latest Videos on Zoonsky

    Aurora Borealis From The ISS

    Astronaut Don Pettit created this astounding video using a sequence of still images he shot of the aurora borealis from the International Space Station.

    New Star Trek Movie Trailer

    In a world suddenly overloaded with movie prequels, here comes one that looks truly innovative and interesting based on the snippets of story they give away here. Due for release 8th May 2009.

    The Latest Sites on Zoonsky

    Data Dirt

    Media, Culture and Technology news and views from Austria


    Kikolani provides poetry, art, photography, blogging tips and social media information.



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