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    Here are the latest updates from Zoonsky.com

    The Latest Articles on Zoonsky

    Nokia 888 For The Twitter Generation

    “Dad, you know how you asked what I might like for Xmas this year? Well Ive seen something”

    Dad gulps as he detects that tone of voice that usually means this is going to cost a small fortune, or require you to spend a S… continues

    Speedtrap Social Network Beats The Cameras

    In most countries around the world devices that detect police speed trap radars, lasers and cameras have been outlawed for some time, but UK company Novus have come up with an innovative gadget called the Mini Coyote, designed to perform the same job… continues

    Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Phones

    For those with a taste for “top of the line” gadgets, meet the brand new $6,000+ range of Ferrari phones from Nokias luxury arm, Vertu.

    The standalone English based offshoot of Nokia has built up an enviable reputati… continues

    The Latest Videos on Zoonsky

    Nokia 888 Flexi Concept Phone

    Famous designer Tamer Nakisci came up with this design for Nokia as his vision of the future of hip and cool mobile communications. I know a few teenagers who quite like the idea of the feature where the phone reshapes itself into an emoticon (like a… continues

    Cobra XRS R9G Radar Detector

    Cobra electronics newest radar, speed camera and red light camera warning system. The Cobra rep says the unit is designed to warn drivers of dangerous roads and intersections, which are usually ‘marked’ by a red light or speed camera. Not a bad sound… continues

    Mechanical Engineering Degree In Gaming

    The Engineering school at Northern Illinois University is using a unique curriculum for teaching it’s mechanical engineer course, Students are learning the principles of mechanical engineering by designing and playing video games. More info http://ww… continues

    The Latest Sites on Zoonsky

    Yanko Technology Design

    Yanko Design provides a forum for aspiring designers to share their creative concepts, engineering ideas and designs with the world.

    Hacked Gadgets

    Interesting articles about engineering and hacking gadgets. Examples of extreme technology. DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects.



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