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  • 04:15:28 am on November 10, 2008 | 0

    Palm Treo Pro More Of The Same

    The Treo Pro is the first of what is clearly intended to be a new design direction for Palm – a shiny, black mutation of the popular Centro coupled with a few lines from the Treo 500 and a dash of the original Xbox thrown in for good measure. Under t… continues

    Windows 7 Pre-Beta Walkthrough

    The PDC has begun; Windows 7 has been revealed; it should be in beta very, very soon.
    Gizmodo.com First Impressions
    Pcpro.co.uk – what’s inside Windows 7
    Those two links contain most of the big revelations. The UI is what I was working on … continues

    IBM Zone Trusted Information Channel

    More and more attacks to online banking applications target the user’s home PC, changing what is displayed to the user, while logging and altering key strokes. In order to foil these threats, the IBM Zurich Research Lab has introd… continues

    HTC Touch HD Demo

    An in depth demo of the high definition HTC Touch HD smartphone and media device. Demonstration of options such as menu usage, media management, the built in YouTube application and GPS navigation.


    CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research and is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory responsible for experiments and porjects like the Large Hadron Collider, LHC, LEP, ATLAS, ALICE, LHCb, and CMS.

    EVO Magazine

    Evo magazine tests the world’s greatest and fastest cars, from superminis and hot hatches to sports cars and supercars. All the latest supercar news and reviews in every issue. Evo the thrill of driving.

    PC Pro UK

    Reviews and opinion from the UK’s leading monthly PC magazine covering pc news, pc reviews, technology news, games reviews, computer security, processors, internet, networking, software development and operating systems.


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